One of the most important steps of companies that operate in the field of export and import of goods is the possibility of customs clearance of goods.

Clearance is a set of steps you must take to free your goods from customs. If you are aware of the tricks and rules, you can do the clearance process with the least cost and time.


Custom Clearance


But if you do not have enough experience and knowledge, pursuing to do so can lead to a great loss of your time and capital.

Therefore, it is better to leave this task to companies with experience in this field to perform all stages of customs clearance, and always seek guidance from such companies to perform tasks related to the clearance of your trade goods and benefit from their experiences in this field.


Clearance Consulting


Gostaresh Tejarat Sadr Pazh, while having consultants and brokers specializing in customs affairs, has access to the latest updated rules and new methods of customs clearance, and with the cooperation of a group of experts, performs the important task of customs clearance.